‘Filthy gays destroy nations,’ Robert Mugabe claims in inauguration speech

Zimbabwe president has used the beginning of his seventh term, extending his 33-year-rule, by condemning homosexuality

‘Filthy gays destroy nations,’ Robert Mugabe claims in inauguration speech
23 August 2013

Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has used his inauguration speech to condemn homosexuality, saying ‘filthy gays destroy nations’.

The 89-ear-old was sworn in for a seventh term, extending his 33-year rule.

In the speech, Mugabe urged young people to ‘damn’ homosexuality and to not offend nature by having gay sex.

‘That destroys nations, apart from it being a filthy, filthy disease.’

Before the elections last month, Mugabe said he would amend laws so LGBT ‘offenders’ would ‘rot in jail’ for life.

He has also threatened to cut gay people’s heads off, castrate them and compared them to ‘pigs and dogs’.

The ZMF leader also criticized Western nations for accusing him of vote-rigging.

His opponent in the last three elections, Morgan Tsvangirai, boycotted the ceremony because he believed the election was a ‘huge fraud’ and a ‘coup by ballot’. 

‘As for the odd Western countries who happen to hold a different, negative view of our electoral process… we dismiss them as the vile ones whose moral turpitude we must mourn,’ Mugabe said, denouncing any allegation of wrongdoing.

In January, the new Zimbabwean constitution was revealed with a clause that criminalizes same-sex marriage.



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