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‘Gay Away’ novelty gay cure pills pulled from Manitoba store

A Manitoba, Canada dollar store has pulled novelty pills that claim to cure gayness from shelves after parents complained
The Gay Away pills
Photo by Laughrat

A dollar store in Gimli, Manitoba in Canada has pulled novelty ‘gay cure’ boxes of pills from its shelves after parents complained.

‘Gay Away’ pills, manufactured by Toronto based company Laughrat, were being sold alongside other novelty fake medicines sold by the company such as Nagotine ‘for people who nag smokers,’ and EgoManiax ‘medicine for enlarged egos.’

The packaging for the ‘new extra strength’ pills states that they ‘stop the craving for misbehaving,’ and that Gay Away ‘cures gayness’ and are ‘for real fruit cakes.’

Instructions on the back of the packet state ‘just two pills a day will have you off the stick and in the bush in a matter of weeks.’

‘If after two weeks you still like your meat rare and find yourself still knocking at the back door, increase dose to 4 pills a day.’

A parent contacted CBC News Canada after his 12-year-old daughter brought home a packet of the pills because she had questions about what it was about.

CBC News contacted store owner Rachelle Mistelbacher who said the pills had been pulled from shelves because of complaints from other parents.

Gimli local Mona Johnson told CBC News that she was worried about the message that the novelty item would send to young LGBTI people.

‘I'm embarrassed, actually, to tell you the truth, that you guys found this in our community,’ Johnson said.

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"Gay Away Pills"? Being "gay" is NOT a disease or cancer. There is NO such thing as a "cure" you ignorant bastards. If being "gay" is a disease, then so is being straight. Are you saying us straight people are "diseased"? If so then I am ready to be cured, cured of peoples narrowminded stupidity and plain ignorance. Because of ignorant people that CHOOSE!! to judge people just because they are "different", the human race is a disgrace to itself and it has FAILED miserably. We are ALL different, why do people hate on gays and lesbians just because they like someone? We straight people like people so why do a lot of us dis gays and lesbians? You don't see them hating straight people because we like the opposite sex. So what if they like their same sex? They ARE STILL HUMAN just like the rest of us. It is human nature to like and love someone at some point. Some of us like the other gender, and others like the same gender, but even so, we are ALL alike because we like or love someome. Why is being gay or lesbian such a big fucking deal? If you despise them for being HUMAN, then you are a sorry piece of shit that was a WORTHLESS waste of DNA, blood, time e.t.c. For the ones who try to say, "God hates gays", or "fags and lesbos will go to hell for their sin", God loves ALL of his children and earth to dipshit, we ALL sin and if Jesus the Christ hadn't of died on the cross for our SIN then we would ALL go to hell. It is not God who hates gays and lesbians, it is the ignorant fuckers who "claim" to be Christian, but isn't a part of being a REAL Christian being nice, openminded and NOT judge others because God is the one that does the judgeing? If you "claim" to be Christian but you still judge others because of their skin color, background, or sexual orientation, then I hope I get to laugh in your face when God judges you for being a complete moron and sends your soul to hell while the gays and lesbians go to Heaven. Thay would be PRICELESS!!!!. Do not judge anyone but yourself. We are all human and we are not here on this earth to judge others, just enjoy the PRIVALIDGE of being able to live and thanks to Jesus, go to Heaven even after we have sinned(hopefully the ignorant morons will get the firery treatment) Lets learn to get along and live life instead of judgeing people due to things that really do not make a difference to who we are as a person. If anyone has any comments or questions, then please email me at [email protected]