‘Lesbian chic’ is fashion’s hot new trend, says Style.com

As seen by Rihanna wearing combat boots, the fashion website has called lesbianism 'trendy'

‘Lesbian chic’ is fashion’s hot new trend, says Style.com
01 September 2012

Fashion website Style.com has called ‘lesbian chic’ the hottest new trend for fall.

While it is doubtful this means we will be seeing supermodels Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks puckering up in the near future, it has sparked questions to what ‘lesbian chic’ is.

In a section called ‘The Conversation’, which includes questions such as ‘Will anyone be wearing the new Marc Jacobs hat?, Style.com’s Maya Singer has got the gossip on why the fashion scene has gone gay.

‘Lesbians! They’re everywhere,’ Singer says. ‘This summer, the New York fashion scene was buzzing with gossip about a couple of high-profile ladies who ditched their marriages and started dating women.

‘Across the pond, meanwhile, British Vogue ran a whole article on that phenomenon, while society rag Tatler chimed in with a feature on London’s seven loveliest lesbians (Only seven?)

‘Just last week, Models.com posted photos on its homepage of the nuptials of model Harmony Boucher and her bride, Nicole.’

Singer suggests that with the lesbian ‘aesthetic’ booming, as seen by Rihanna wearing combat boots and trousers, it may affect the industry in other ways.

In the article, she says: ‘Socially, perhaps it means that in an industry stuffed with attractive young women, a few more of them may start dating each other.

Style’s article has sparked the ire of many, with Refinery29.com saying: ‘While we’re glad to see that the fashion industry is resembling the vox populi more and more, it seems rather reductive to take an inherent personal characteristic and turn it into a social trend.

Lesbianism in fashion and film is nothing new, such as in the 1930s when a tuxedoed Marlene Dietrich kissed a woman in feature film Morocco.

It was scandalous at the time, but it led to Dietrich being nominated for the Best Actress prize at the Academy Awards.



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