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10 LGBTI activists arrested and dragged to police cars in Moscow's Red Square

Russian police busy enforcing country's anti-gay propaganda law during Olympics - see video
LGBTI demonstrators arrested in Moscow
Photo: Dmitry Zykov

At least 10 LGBTI activists were arrested in Moscow on Friday by Russian police as they sang and waved Rainbow Pride flags in a snow-covered Red Square to protest the country's anti-gay laws.

The group continued to sing the Russian national anthem and wave their flags as police struggled to put them into vehicles - at times dragging them.

The demonstration took place on the same day as opening ceremonies for the 2014 Winter Olympics were taking place in Sochi.

Police are making clear that they are enforcing Russia's controversial anti-gay propaganda law which makes it illegal to show any kind of public support of homosexuality.

Earlier in the day, four gay rights activists, including one pregnant woman, were arrested in St Petersburg.

UPDATED: Among those arrested were two Swedish nationals including Ulrika Westerlund who is the President of Stockholm Pride and editor-in-chief of the magazine Bang.

Westerlund told over the phone from a police station in Moscow that the demonstrators had only managed to unfurl a rainbow flag and sing a few lines before police arrived.

She was later released but her passport was seized.

Westerlund said the 10 Russian activists remained detained. Their names are: Elena Kostyuchenko, Anna Annenkov, Lynn Reid, Knicks Nemeni, Olga Mazurova, Gleb Warrior, Tarja Polyakova, Daria Starshinina.

Video of the arrests, taken by Dmitry Zykov, below:

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