10% of the world now living in a place where gay marriage is legal

By legalizing same-sex marriage in 2013, Brazil, the US, France, England and Wales brought marriage equality to another 447.5 million people

10% of the world now living in a place where gay marriage is legal
03 January 2014

Going into 2014, 1 in 10 people in the whole world are living with gay marriage.

With over 7 billion people living on Earth, the estimate was boosted in 2013 after countries like the US, Brazil, France, England and Wales legalized same-sex marriage.

With 201 million citizens, Brazil leads the population pack since the country’s courts began marrying same-sex couples in May 2013.

In December 2013, Rio De Janeiro held what is considered to be the world’s biggest mass same-sex wedding.

While the US has not legalized same-sex marriage federally, in June 2013 the US Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which opened up individual states to decide on same-sex marriage.

With a population of 124 million, the US overturning DOMA was a huge step toward marriage equality for a big chunk of the world’s population.

France, England and Wales make up the third and fourth spots, all countries that legalized same-sex marriage last year.

Melbourne-based LGBTI activist Tony Pitman organized countries where gay marriage is legal by their estimated population.

Pitman first analyzed population data based on gay marriage in July 2013, at which point his estimate was 607 million people.

In December, adding the countries that legalized same-sex marriage in six months, the population number jumped to 700 million.

‘That’s an increase of 93 million in just six months. It’s quite extraordinary!’ said in a statement.

‘It also means that marriage equality is now a reality for almost 10 per cent of the entire world’s population; another extraordinary figure!’

From July to December 2013, states and countries that passed marriage equality include:

  • England and Wales
  • Five US states: New Jersey, Hawaii, Illinois, New Mexico and Utah




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