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150 run for equality in the Philippines

150 people joined a fun run for equality on the University of the Philippines campus, Quezon City, Metro Manila on Sunday
The Takbo ’Te Run for Equality, University of Philippines, Quezon City, Metro Manila

One hundred and fifty people ran for equality in the Philippines on Sunday in the leafy campus of the University of the Philippines in Quezon City, Metro Manila.

The Takbo ’Te Run for Equality run organized by the Proud to be LGBT campaign, the College of Human Kinetics Student Council and Take Back the Tech and raised money for the Home of the Golden Gays, a care home for elderly LGBT people.

Nica Dumlao from the Foundation for Media Alternatives, convenors of the Take Back the Tech campaign said:

‘The run today is a step forward for people to use their passion for health, for sports, to support advocacy for equality.’

The Take Back the Tech campaign is an international campaign to take control of technology to end gender-based violence, inspired by the Take Back the Night campaign.

‘Right now we’re seeing that technology is being used to perpetrate violence, specifically violence against women. One of the problems is cyber harassment, so people are using technology to perpetrate harassment. That’s why we’re campaigning to take back the technology, to make it a platform for empowerment,’ said Dumiao.

Representatives from LGBT activist organizations GANDA Filippinas and Rainbow Rights participated in the run.  

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