15,000 light-up for Singapore’s Pink Dot

Biggest crowd ever gather in support of LGBT love at Singapore's fourth Pink Dot

15,000 light-up for Singapore’s Pink Dot
02 July 2012

The first Pink Dot held after-dark in Singapore has been hailed a great success with 15,000 gathering on Saturday night to show support for the LGBT community.

The only outdoor LGBT event in the city-state where homosexual sex is still illegal saw a 600% increase from the 2,500 who came together at the first Pink Dot in 2009.

The Pink Dot was formed by pink lights from flash lights and mobile phones using cellophane, as the crowd sang along to Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors.

‘This is a beautiful, glowing Pink Dot but we need to go a step further beyond tonight and take this glow with us when we leave,’ said one of the event’s ambassadors, actor Lim Yu Beng.

‘We need to love ourselves, love each other, and love the community we are going back into. Because as long as discrimination and prejudice, media censorship or 377A are around, we know that there’s still a lot to be done in this society.’

Section 377A is the old colonial law that still criminalizes homosexual sex in Singapore.
Former TV personality Sharon Au, one of Pink Dot’s ambassadors said: ‘Straight people take family support for granted yet this may not be possible for many LGBT individuals. Imagine living in isolation, and not being able to share their pains, sorrows, hopes and aspiration.

‘They may live in fear of your disapproval, even though you are already aware and are just waiting for them to open up. Take that first move, reach out and show that you care and love them without prejudice.’

The event was sponsored by Google and Barlclays bank and the campaign video, Someday, focused on the problems that LGBT people face in Singapore.

Watch a video of Pink Dot 2012 here:



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