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John Barrowman celebrates 50th birthday by showing off his natural hair

He’s working the daddy look

John Barrowman celebrates 50th birthday by showing off his natural hair
Instagram / John Barrowman
John Barrowman is preparing for his 50th birthday by showing off his natural hair color

John Barrowman is showing off his natural hair color to mark his upcoming 50th birthday.

The Scottish-American entertainer, currently seen in CW’s Arrow and across the superhero franchises, will celebrate his big day on 11 March.

In preparation, he now shared a snap of him rocking a buzzcut on his Facebook page.

But fans who were expecting his hair to be the usual deep brown were in for a surprise – because Barrowman’s natural haircolor is slightly different.

In fact, he’s not just gray, but pretty much white.

‘I wanted to see what I look like with my natural hair color,’ he commented the picture.

‘I shaved all the color off on Thursday. What do ya think?’

Fans’ opinions were a little divided on the matter, although most said they liked the silver fox look.

‘Silver foxes are always in style,’ one user wrote.

Another said: ‘Natural white suits him to the ground.’

Of course there were also those who recommended Barrowman – but most fans were concerned about the ‘floating hand’ on his shoulder.

In the past, Barrowman has candidly spoken about dying his hair – like in an interview with Attitude in 2010, where he already said his hair was all white.

And it’s not just to keep up the TV appearance.

In the interview, Barrowman said it his husband, architect Scott Gill, also encouraged him to keep dyeing his locks.

He already shaved it once a few years before, but never made it public.

‘I let it come out gray to see if it was time to let my hair go back to its natural colour,’ Barrowman said.

‘He [Scott] looked at me and said: “I’m not so ready for that yet”. And he’s older than me.’

Gill turns 54 this year.

For fans who worried the change would mean Barrowman was done playing Arrow’s baddie Malcolm Merlyn this season, the actor had a clear answer: ’Nope.’

So don’t get used to the look just yet, because he’ll be back to brown soon.