32 year old gay Irishman mobbed online because people think he’s Niall from One Direction

A gay Irishman has gained over 5,000 Twitter followers through sharing the same name as the One Direction pop star despite telling the girls he’s not him

32 year old gay Irishman mobbed online because people think he’s Niall from One Direction
17 July 2012

Gay Dubliner Niall Horan has gotten over 5,000 followers on Twitter just by sharing the same name as One Direction’s Niall Horan.

This is despite the 32 year old Pensions Administrator using a picture that shows he is clearly not Niall from One Direction and stating that he is not in One Direction on his profile discription.

On top of this, Horan, 32, finds himself mentioned in hundreds of teenage girls’ tweets every day.

Horan, 32, uses the Twitter handle @niallhoran and began using Twitter in 2009 before One Direction’s Niall, 18, became famous and set up an account under the handle @NiallOfficial.

Before One Direction formed he had about 100 followers but has seen that snowball since then.

‘I had the name, my real one, on Twitter before Niall, the singer, so I am not going to change it because he is famous,’ Horan, 32, told the Irish Examiner.

‘I am 5 feet 11 inches with brown hair and am not related to him at all but they continue to follow me despite being told over and over again that I am not in One Direction.

‘I have even directed them to the other Niall Horan and sometimes fans get abusive when I do.’

Horan, 32, said obsessed One Direction fans had gone as far as calling him after finding his mobile number on his Gmail account and had sent him messages.

‘Sometimes the girls tell me they love me and stuff and I go back to them and burst their bubble,’ he said.

Horan, 32, follows Horan, 18, on Twitter but has yet to see himself mentioned by the One Direction band member in a tweet.

“Nial Horran twitter’ is the second most popular Google search associated with the 18 year old pop star.



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