40% of straight women have had a gay experience

Around one in 10 women surveyed said they had fantasies about sex with another woman, but had not acted upon them

40% of straight women have had a gay experience
15 April 2014

Nearly half of all women have had a gay experience, a new survey has revealed.

1000 British women were asked about their sexuality, fantasies and behaviors in order to understand how they identify themselves.

While 26.5% of those surveyed said they were bisexual, that figure rose to 38% when asked if they ever had some form of sexual activity with another woman.

Around one in 10 women surveyed said they had fantasies about sex with another woman, but had not acted upon them.

One woman, who answered the survey, commented: ‘I wish I’d experimented with lesbianism when I was much younger.

‘I think we’re all on a spectrum of sexuality, like a rainbow. I am erring toward straight, but do find women attractive and fantasise about having sex with some of them.’

Charlotte Dingle, editor-in-chief of Biscuit – a new website for bisexual women, said: ‘While not necessarily employing the rigour of a serious academic study, Biscuit’s survey into female sexuality does seem to bear out anecdotal evidence that women are increasingly viewing their own sexuality as fluid.

‘I believe that the old definitions of "gay", "straight" and "bi" are increasingly irrelevant in a society in which an individual’s sexual and gender identity is becoming more and more complex and diverse.’

The survey was conducted over four weeks in February and March. Respondents were recruited anonymously via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.



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