54 lawyers back campaign for same-sex marriage in Wyoming

A coalition of Wyoming attorneys, including a former state Attorney General, have gone public in support of efforts to overturn their state’s constitutional ban on gay marriage

54 lawyers back campaign for same-sex marriage in Wyoming
01 May 2014

A large group of attorneys in the US state of Wyoming have signed on to a group statement in support of the legalization of same-sex marriage in their state.

The 54 attorneys are the first to join the group Wyoming Lawyers for Marriage and the list include former Wyoming Attorney General Pat Crank, Democratic Representative Mary Throne, Republican Representative Matt Greene, Laramie County District Attorney Timothy Forwood and four University of Wyoming College of Law professors.

Representative Green’s constituency includes the town of Laramie where gay university student Matthew Shepard was murdered in 1998.

The state’s Republican governor, Matt Mead, has promised to defend his state’s ban on same-sex marriage at any cost but four same-sex couples filed a lawsuit against the ban earlier this month.

In a column published this week in the Wyoming Tribune-Eagle, Crank said he’s baffled why Wyoming continues to fight the issue when the state prided itself on its free spirit.

He noted that many in the state were fighting to keep government out of their business, away from their guns, health care and private lives.

‘Yet, when it comes to allowing same-sex couples to marry, apparently this is an appropriate place for the government to intrude,’ Crank wrote.

That sentiment was echoed by lawyer Michael Rosenthal of Hathaway & Kunz, PC who wrote in support of the campaign, ‘As an attorney, a Republican, and one of four generations of my family who have called Wyoming home, I think it is time for Wyoming to live up to its motto and the principles that have made us great throughout our state’s history: equality, rugged individualism, independence, freedom, live and let live.’

‘The freedom to marry the person you love, and enjoy equal rights, fits right in.’



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