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700,000 march for LGBTI rights at Cologne Gay Pride

Authorities say as many as 700,000 people took pat in Sunday’s Cologne Gay Pride parade – making it one of the largest shows of LGBTI solidarity in the world
The sky over Cologne during the Cologne Gay Pride festival
Photo by Cologne Pride/Facebook

700,000 people marched in the Cologne Gay Pride parade on Sunday, making it one of the largest LGBTI pride events in Germany and Europe.

That figure was arrived at by police supervising the event which originally began as a Christopher Street Day event commemorating the Stonewall Riots at the Stonewall Inn on New York’s Christopher Street.

This year’s Cologne Gay Pride march was also notable as a contingent from local pro-football side FC Köln marched in the parade including club vice-president Toni Schumacher.

As part of Cologne Gay Pride the sky of Cologne has been lit up at night with six powerful spotlights in the gay pride colors, shining rainbow beams high into the sky.

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