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80% of Maltese still opposed to gay adoption according to church poll

A poll commissioned by the Catholic Church in Malta has found that 80% of the Maltese people remain opposed to adoption by same-sex couples but the church has withheld the results on how many support civil unions
St Paul's Cathedra in Mdina, Malta
Photo by Berthold Werner

A survey of the Maltese people carried out by a market research company on behalf of the Catholic Church in Malta has found four out of five people still oppose same-sex couples having the right to adopt.

The poll was carried out by research firm Misco and found that 81% of Maltese people aged 25 to 64 opposed same-sex couples adopting but opposition was lower among those aged 24 and under where 53.5% were opposed.

However the church withheld the results of a question on civil unions that was also asked during the survey - suggesting there is much wider support for the formal recognition of same-sex relationships in Malta short of marriage.

The Catholic Church in Malta released the data as it calls for lawmakers to be given a conscience vote on the issue and has used the poll data to warn them about what it says is the people’s mood on the issue.

Single Maltese people can already adopt regardless of their sexual orientation so many Maltese same-sex couples are already raising children.

Maltese lawmakers have been poised to pass civil union legislation since October last year but it is hoped they will soon settle the issue.

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Two questions come up:

1. Was it mentioned in the poll by the external org that the poll was conducted on behalf of the Roman Catholic Church?

2. Was the poll done in person (individuals going door to door and asking people questions) or done by paper (a paper-poll was delivered to people's home and people could fill out the questionnaire).

If the answer to question 1 is YES then the whole poll is void and of no value what so ever!
No Roman Catholic Maltesian will answer differently then the stance of the Roman Catholic Church, while if doing so he or she is ready to be excommunicated by the Maltese RCC!

If the answer to question 2 is that the poll was done in person (and by someone who was from the island itself) then the poll also is void and of no value what so ever!
Simple..... Malta is not that big, and people know each other!

Isn't a Catholic poll on LGBT acceptance a bit like a Nazi poll on Jews?