83 percent of Jewish Americans support gay marriage

Religious Jewish Americans are the biggest supporters of marriage equality, new research finds

83 percent of Jewish Americans support gay marriage
27 February 2014

Religious Jewish Americans are the biggest supporters of same-sex couples having the civil right to marry, new research shows, in a blow to those who cite religion in opposing the reform.

83% of practicing Jewish Americans surveyed by the non-partisan Public Religion Research Institute told researchers they supported same-sex couples being allowed to get married – more even than religiously unaffiliated Americans.

Of Americans who said they identified with no particular faith only 73% said they were supporters – but still an overwhelming majority.

62% of white mainline Protestants also supported marriage equality along with 58% of white Catholics and 56% of Hispanic Catholics.

46% of Hispanic Protestants supported same-sex couples being allowed to get married but only 35% of black Protestants and only 27% of white Evangelical Protestants supported marriage equality.

Age appeared to be an important factor in support.

69% of Americans aged 18 to 33 supported marriage equality – with 59% of African Americans in that demographic supportive compared to 39% overall in that community.

53% of Americans supported same-sex marriage overall.

The survey also found Americans were starkly divided on the issue along political lines with 64% of Democratic voters supporting the reform compared to 62% of Republicans opposing it – while 57% of those who considered themselves independents were supportive on the issue.

Most interestingly – although a clear majority of Americans now believe that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, many still believed that view was a minority one.

49% of Americans believed that most Americans opposed same-sex marriage while only 34% believed a majority supported it while another 9 percent said they thought the country was evenly divided on the issue.



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