90-year-old Chinese grandmother wants gay marriage for grandson

A 90-year-old grandmother has become a hit on the internet after calling for her gay grandson to be allowed to marry in a video for PFLAG China and expressing her hopes he will find a boyfriend

90-year-old Chinese grandmother wants gay marriage for grandson
14 August 2013

A 90-year-old woman has become an unexpected internet hit in China after her video calling for equal rights for her gay grandson went viral.

‘I am 90 years old,’ the grandmum says in the video, ‘My grandson is gay.

‘He treats me very well and he is sensible. I love him [and] I hope he can find a boyfriend and have a happy life. I hope the government can support him.’

During the video she holds up a sign which says in Chinese, ‘we urge the legalization of same-sex marriages.’

The South China Morning Post managed to track down the woman’s grandson who had said he had been absolutely amazed by his grandmother’s decision to make the video.

‘This means she will have to deal with lots of pressure from strangers and relatives,’ the 28-year-old Fuzhou resident who wished to be anonymous said.

He said his grandmother had been more accepting of his sexuality since he came out than his own parents had been.

‘She even tried to calm my parents, who were less accepting in the beginning, and asked them to take it easy,’ he said.

The video with the unnamed grandmother tops a campaign by Parents and Friends of Gays And Lesbians (PFLAG) who in February had over 100 parents write to lawmakers to urge the legalization of same-sex marriage.

‘Parents seem to care equal marriage rights even more than their children,’ PFLAG China’s A Quiang told the South China Morning Post.

‘They believe their children will better take care of the spouses if they are legally married.’

Earlier this month PFLAG China held events reaching out to LGBTs and their parents in more regional cities.



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