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Gay Star News: the world's first LGBT news, entertainment and travel site, updated 24-7
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If you want the latest gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender, news, entertainment, and travel content then Gay Star News (GSN) is for you.

GSN has an international team dedicated to quality journalism.

With reporters working around the clock in Los Angeles, Hong Kong, New York, Sydney, Dubai and in our main office, London UK. This allows you to be on top of the major stories as they happen.

Gay Star News Ltd launched in 2011 and has secured major international investment to deliver a quality site 24-7. Our team has decades of combined experience in gay and mainstream media, producing a quality site for you.

In the first year of business, GSN became award winners; winning both Stonewall’s Publication of the Year 2012 and a National Diversity Award. On top of this we have the largest social media following for an LGBT source in Europe.

We’re going to keep improving each year so would welcome your feedback to make sure we build a site that meets your needs.

Email [email protected] with your comments and suggestions.

Thanks for reading Gay Star News.

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