Actor returns to role on US soap General Hospital – but now his character is gay

Ryan Carnes to play Lucas Jones again after gay roles on General Hospital and the indie flick Eating Out

Actor returns to role on US soap General Hospital – but now his character is gay
13 December 2013

Actor Ryan Carnes had his first day back this week to the Los Angeles set of the ABC soap General Hospital after nine years away.

‘First day back in Port Charles,’ the actor tweeted, mentioning the soap’s fictional city. ‘Twas a good day.’

A lot has happened to his character of Lucas Jones during that time including this: Lucas is gay.

But the character’s dramatic coming out was portrayed by another actor (Ben Hogestyn) since Carnes left the show in 2005 just before that plot development.

During around the same time as his first stint on General Hospital, Carnes was also playing a gay role during the first few seasons of the ABC show Desperate Housewives.

Thie followed his first major role as a lead in the gay independent comedy Eating Out which spawned a franchise of four more Eating Out films. Carnes never reprised his role in any of the sequels.

His departure from General Hospital led to various reports that the actor left the soap as the gay storyline approached because he did not want to be stereotyped into only gay roles.

Carnes has not commented on that theory.

The character of Lucas is the adopted son of Bobbie Spencer (Jackie Zeman) and Tony Jones (Brad Maule) and the biological son of Julian Jerome (William deVry).

The groundwork for the return of Lucas is being laid with Bobbie recently mentioning that her son is living in Seattle looking for the perfect man.

Will he find him in Port Charles?

It’s not known how or if Lucas will be involved with the show’s other gay characters of Felix (Marc Anthony Samuel) and Brad (Parry Shen) in some kind of love triangle.

Rival soap Days of Our Lives on NBC has had success with its gay characters of Will Horton (Chandler Massey) and Sonny Kiriakis (Freddie Smith) who are popular with fans of the soap which has seen a resurgence in the ratings.

During his years away from General Hospital, Carnes guest starred on many television series including Dr. Who, The Closer, Bones, NCIS, CSI: Miami and also starred in the 2009 miniseries The Phantom.



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