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Actress Michelle Rodriguez publicly - and casually - confirms she is bisexual

'I've gone both ways. I do as I please ... Men are intriguing. So are chicks''

After years of speculation about her sexuality, actress Michelle Rodriguez says she has 'gone both ways' and is bisexual.

But instead of a big announcement, she casually mentions this in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly.

'I do as I please,' she says. 'I am too f---ing curious to sit here and not try when I can. Men are intriguing. So are chicks.'

Rodriguez, came to fame in 2000 in the film Girl Fight and has since gone on to appear in the films Avatar,  Blue Crush and the Fast & Furious franchise as well as the TV series Lost.

Her next film is the upcoming release Machete Kills.

Lesbian rumors had swirled around Rodriguez throughout her career and as recently as two years ago she told a red carpet interviewer that "Michi like sausage.'

Now she tells EW: 'I don't talk about what I do with my vagina, and (the media is) all intrigued. I've never walked the carpet with anyone, so they wonder: What does she go with her vagina? Plus, I play a butchy girl all the time, so they assume I'm a lesbo.'

Then she adds: 'Eh, they're not too far off.'

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