Adam Lambert continues with summer makeover, gets arm tattooed – in Latin!

'Musica Delenit Bestiam Feram' translates to: 'Music Soothes the Savage Beast'

Adam Lambert continues with summer makeover, gets arm tattooed – in Latin!
13 August 2012

Just last week, Adam Lambert revealed via Twitter that he had done away with his trademark jet-black hair and become a platinum blond.

Now he’s tweeted out the next step in his summer transformation: an arm tattoo.

Lambert has had the the Latin phrase ‘Musica Delenit Bestiam Feram’ tattooed onto his arm. Translated into English it means: ‘Music Soothes the Savage Beast.’

He did not offer any information about the tattoo beyond posting the photo. But his attitude about such things was evident in a tweet about his hairstyle change: ‘You ask Why? Why not? Change is good.’

The singer is currently on a tour of Japan and Australia in support of his second album, Trespassing, which opened at number one on the Billboard sales charts earlier this year. He is first openly gay artist to achieve the top charting position.

Lambert continues to send out tweets every step of the way to his 1.6 million followers.

Last Friday (10 August), he wrote of his look: ‘I like wearing makeup. Get Into it Bitches! It’s Rockstar 101. :)



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