Adam Lambert: ‘I’m gay, that does not mean I’m disabled’

Singer-songwriter told his fans on Twitter about his upcoming album while calling on those who described his sexual orientation as 'sad'

Adam Lambert: ‘I’m gay, that does not mean I’m disabled’
03 April 2014

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has spoken out against people who call his homosexuality a ‘disability’.

The flamboyant singer said he has received comments and tweets such as ‘it’s so sad to be gay’ and he finds the statements ‘indirectly offensive’.

‘It ain’t a DISABILITY!! It’s just a disposition ya’ll. the only thing that makes it "hard to deal with" is when folks be ignant bout it. Ha’, Lambert tweeted.

British pop icon Boy George  supported Lambert saying America doesn’t ‘appreciate’ the ‘fabulous singing talent’ of the former ‘American Idol’ runner-up.

The star believes Lambert’s career has been hurt by the fact he is gay and said in a tweet: ‘If he was British, he’d be huge here! Adam rocks!’

Many fans replied to his message on social media, expressing support for Lambert, while Boy George stated ‘sexuality has nothing to do with talent’.

Lambert got on a positive note with his latest tweets, saying: ‘I love all of u who get it. Thank u for your continued support. This is gonna be a great year!!!’

He publicly came out as gay in a cover story in Rolling Stone magazine weeks after the American Idol finale back in 2009.

The singer then revealed he never felt ‘closeted’ but he didn’t want being gay to upstage him during the show.

‘I wanted the focus to be on my ability as a singer and as an entertainer — not on my private life,’ he told the magazine.

‘So I chose to kind of ignore the issue until after the voting ended.’

The singer’s forthcoming new album will be released later this year while he is supporting Queen in concert across the world. The first date is 19 June in Chicago. 



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