Adam Lambert speaks out about being a gay role model

American Idol star says he found it difficult being a representative for the gay community

Adam Lambert speaks out about being a gay role model
26 June 2012

Gay singer Adam Lambert has spoken out about being a gay role model.

In an interview with Billboard, the American Idol breakout star said he found it difficult being a representative for the gay community.

However he said: ‘I’ve grown a lot more comfortable with my position and I am actually embracing the opportunity to be able to address this stuff through music.’

Lambert said the film and television industry has been finding a social responsibility in bringing gay characters into the mainstream.

He said: ‘What’s so exciting over the past couple of years is we’ve moved past those cliché gay characters. It’s moved past the clown, the comic relief and the joke.

‘Unfortunately I still think in some regards, a lot of the gay characters are still very safe.’

He added: ‘In many cases I find myself saying I wanna be the really nice, down to earth guy, who happens to be gay in order to set an example that it’s not threatening.

‘Then there’s another part of me that’s like, no I wanna be fierce and be strong and do whatever I want because I’m a rebel. I have that battle inside of me. I think a lot of people do.’

Lambert is the first openly gay artist to reach the number one spot of the Billboard Album Chart with his new record Trespassing.

Check out his new single Never Close Our Eyes here:



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