Adam Lambert unveils a new look

Saying 'change is good,' singer now a platinum blond

Adam Lambert unveils a new look
08 August 2012

We are already quite used to Adam Lambert making dramatic statements with his ever-changing hairstyles.

But the singer’s latest look takes things a step further. He was done away with his trademark jet-black hair to become a platinum blond!

The 2008 American Idol runner-up tweeted a photo of his new do and explained: ‘You ask Why? Why not? Change is good.’

Lambert is on an international tour in support of his second album, Trespassing, which opened at number one on the Billboard sales charts earlier this year. He is first openly gay artist to achieve the top charting position.

‘Even more excited to play dress up in Japan now!’ the platinum blond singer tweeted.

The platinum look is actually closer to Lambert’s true hair color: In high school, the singer was a natural blond.



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