Adam Pally reflects on his gay character on ABC’s Happy Endings

Says for a lot of people, Max is 'an honest representation of who they are'

Adam Pally reflects on his gay character on ABC’s Happy Endings
06 April 2012

The US television landscape has become increasingingly populated with gay characters including Kurt and Blaine on Glee, Mitch and Cam on Modern Family, and a total of five characters on Smash.

Some would say that in one way or another, each of these characters fits into one stereotype or another people may have of a gay male.

Then there is Max Blum on the ABC comedy Happy Endings which just completed its second season this week.

He is played by actor Adam Pally who recently talked to TV Guide about how viewers, gay and straight, seem to be relating to Max who you wouldn't ever find on the cover of GQ.

Pally said response from the gay community has been 'amazing' and 'I can't thank them enough.'

'It is so nice that they have responded to it,' he said. 'I think a lot of people that it's an honest representation of who they are. … I hopefully, going forward they'll like him just as much.'

The interviewer diplomatically points out that while Max is the butt of some fat jokes on the show, the actor himself is not what people would consider fat. At worst, he could be called 'Hollywood pudgy.'

'Thank you for saying I'm 'Hollywood pudgy,' he said, laughing. 'But I am legit not a slender man. My wife and I just had a baby — here's a spoiler for you: Max is putting on a few. I continue to put on the baby weight. I eat as if I am running the New York City Marathon the next day, every single day.'

In the season finale, viewers learn that Hollywood pudgy Max was once in an all-male Madonna cover band called Mandonna and this leads to him performing Like a Prayer (see video below).

'Let me tell you something, I nail it,' Pally said. 'It sounds more like what a grunge-rock version would be, but nevertheless, I nail it.'



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