Adele’s bisexual lover dumped her for gay friend

New biography reveals Grammy award-winning singer's heartbreak that inspired debut album 19

Adele’s bisexual lover dumped her for gay friend
24 June 2012

Adele’s bisexual lover dumped her for one of her gay friends, according to a new biography of the British superstar.

Author Marc Shapiro says a cruel heartbreak at the age of 18 inspired Adele to write her debut album 19, which featured hits like Chasing Pavements and Hometown Glory.

Just four hours after Adele declared her romantic intentions with the bisexual man, he ran off to be with one of her closest male friends, as reported in the Daily Mail.

After four months of him cheating on her, she couldn’t take it anymore.

He writes ‘One thing we know… Is that it was a first love gone terribly bad.

‘Adele had professed her love and he did the same, she had known he was bisexual but, in the rush of romance, felt they could make it work.’

On her official website, Adele writes: ‘My debut album is about being between 18 and 19; about love.

‘Daydreamer is about this boy I was in love with, like proper in love with, he was bi and I couldn’t deal with that.

‘All the things I wanted from my boyfriend, he was never going to be, I get really jealous anyway, so I couldn’t fight with girls and boys. ‘

It was reported on Thursday (21 June) that the biography details her young turbulent relationship with the man, which led her to abusing alcohol.

Shapiro’s book, Adele: A Biography, will be out on 17 July.  



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