Adele songs turn people gay, claims therapist

A Texas therapist used to tell patients to throw out any CDs by any artists that are 'popular in the gay community' and only listen to Christian music if they want to be straight

Adele songs turn people gay, claims therapist
18 March 2014

Adele is being accused of turning people gay with her music.

A retired ‘therapist’ used to claim the Oscar-winning ‘Skyfall’ singer is on the list of things that men ‘should avoid if they want to be straight’.

Openly gay doctor Christian Jessen, 37, discovered the bizarre claims in a new Channel 4 documentary Cure Me I’m Gay.

In the film, he meets retired ‘therapist’ John Smid from Texas who used to offer rehab for gay men.

As part of his old practices, he shows Jessen how he used to ‘treat’ his patients.

He throws out Jessen’s Adele CD, telling him: ‘Adele is very popular within the gay community. You have to listen to Christian music.’

While Adele is popular in the LGBTI world for her outspoken support for equal rights, she’s incredibly popular worldwide. Over 26.4 million people bought her last album 21.

Years ago, Smid used to run a program called ‘Love In Action’ that was based on how other doctors dealt with drug and alcohol addicts.

He resigned from the program after it was found ‘Love In Action’ was treating teenagers against their will. Smid no longer practices ‘gay cure’ therapy and lives with his male partner.

In Dallas, Jessen also visits a doctor who claims he can change sexuality through coloring books.

But it’s not just in the US, in London he meets a pastor who offers exorcisms to rid people of ‘gay demons’.

In the show, Jessen says: ‘I am astounded that in this day and age people still think that being gay is a curable condition. It’s a load of utter rubbish.’

Last month, the UK’s most senior mental health bodies united to condemn ‘gay cure’ therapies.

It followed a House of Commons debate in November that stated they would not be putting any ban on ‘conversion therapies’ into law.

Undercover Doctor: Cure Me I’m Gay airs on Channel 4 tonight at 10pm.

UPDATE: This article was written on the basis of information provided by the documentary’s producers and other news sources prior to the airing of the film. Smid got in contact with Gay Star News to say he no longer practices ‘gay cure’ therapy. We are happy to make this correction.



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