Adele’s bisexual lover drove her to drink

New biography reveals Grammy award-winning singer had a 'drinking problem'

Adele’s bisexual lover drove her to drink
21 June 2012 Print This Article

Adele’s bisexual lover drove her to drink, according to a new biography of the British Grammy winner.

Author Marc Shapiro alleges the Someone Like You singer developed a ‘drinking problem’ while promoting her debut single Hometown Glory and once was so drunk during a gig she was almost unable to perform, reported the Metro.

Shapiro claimed the 24-year-old ‘loved the drama surrounding boys who treated her bad.’

‘Adele would drink more than normal to salve the heartbreak.’

The south London diva’s second album 21 has sold millions worldwide and been showered with plaudits thanks to its songs inspired by her heartbreak and failed relationships.

The star’s turbulent relationship with her alcoholic father Mark Evans, who abandoned her when she was just three, is also discussed in the book.

Adele’s close friend Alan Carr, a gay UK chat show host and comedian, claimed recently the singer-songwriter also managed to shed the pounds by going on the wagon for good.

Her spokesman has not commented on the claims.



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