After success in The Netherlands, ‪Ugandan LGBT activists fight for ‬UK asylum seekers

Four Ugandan and Senegalese asylum seekers in the UK are in danger of being sent back to their deaths

After success in The Netherlands, ‪Ugandan LGBT activists fight for ‬UK asylum seekers
24 April 2012

Gay UK asylum seekers who are in danger of being deported back to countries where their lives are in danger are the new target for a group who successfully lobbied for a Dutch asylum seeker to say in the country.

Activists Movement for Justice have started a petition to appeal to the UK Home Office to settle the cases of Seringe Tacko Mbengue, Asuman Kabugo, Andrew Lukkalu and Proscovia (she doesn't want to give her last name to protect her family) from Uganda and Senegal who are waiting to hear if they will be granted political asylum to stay in Britain.

The letter reads: 'Tacko, Asuman, Andrew and Proscovia have not been granted asylum, even though each of them filed a claim many months ago. Three survived torture; the fourth’s partner was tortured and killed. Living under the constant threat of deportation, never knowing what the next day holds, is an especially excruciating experience for these political asylum seekers'.

In March Movement for Justice started a campaign to save Kalanzi Marvin Richard from deportation from The Netherlands back to his native Uganda where he was imprisoned, beaten and tortured because he is gay.

Kalanzi is now expected to be granted refugee status which gives him health insurance, coverage for legal fees and freedom from the deportation centre.

And, more encouraging for hundreds of LGBT asylum seekers in The Netherlands, the high court has asked for a European clarification of the law regarding gay asylum seekers. While this is happening, which will be around two years, the country will grant all gay refugees asylum.

Sign the petition to the UK Home Office here.



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