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After years of being anti-gay, Puerto Rican politician comes out of the closet

Nude photos of Roberto Arango had previously shown up on Grindr leading him to resign from office in 2011
Photo: Roberto Arango via Twitter

Former Puerto Rican Senator Roberto Arango has publicly come out as gay nearly four years after a nude Grindr photo scandal drove him from office.

Arango had aligned himself with conservative religious coalition and had a long history of anti-gay votes and actively worked against legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples.

On Friday (7 March), he officially came out in an interview with radio station Noti UNO.

He was asked by a reporter: 'Isn't it time for you to state whether or not you are a homosexual?'

Arango replied that the day he is asked the question, he will have nothing to hide.

So the reporter asked more directly: 'Are you a homosexual?'

The former senator said: 'Yes.'

He then added: 'And on top of that I am a businessman. On top of that I am a father, I am a brother, I am a son. On top of that I like doing community work and volunteering. On top of that I like helping different communities. I like it and I am someone who likes to bring changes and progress and to give opportunities to those who want it.'

Arango said it was after his 2011 resignation from the Senate that he finally began to accept himself.

In recalling Arango's previous anti-gay behavior in public life, Blabbeando reports that during a political rally in 2004, he mocked a San Juan mayoral candidate by implying he was gay.

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very useful article, let me know about the lives of gay people, it is certainly not a desirable one such third sex, they should be respected as the ordinary man, for their lives like any other normal person that's what they always wanted

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NO, there is no EXCUSE for hurting others.... BUT There is a Time for Each to Come Out...This is his time. More Power to him! ... AFTER ALL We all know how many in the Entertainment industry here and elsewhere have Yet to Come Out! Ricky Martin did not come out till he was over 40!

It makes my blood boil to hear stories like this one where a gay person is so far in the closet that he actually supports legislation that vilifies his brothers and sisters. Shame on him and all the others who are doing similar. I thoroughly believe that everyone should be OUTED as soon as there is even a suspicion that they are gay so that we get all this sh*t out of the way and move forward.