Against Me! lead singer says being trans isn’t ‘going away’

Laura Jane Grace, who shot to fame as Tom Gabel, gives first TV interview since coming out as transgender

Against Me! lead singer says being trans isn’t ‘going away’
19 June 2012

In her first TV interview since publically coming out as transgender, the lead singer of US punk band Against Me! said she realized her gender identity wasn’t something which was ‘going away’.

The artist who came to fame as Tom Gabel was greeted with cheers from fans in San Diego last month (May 2012) when she performed as Laura Jane Grace for the first time since telling the world she was transgender.

During an interview with MTV News, due to be aired today (19 June), the 31-year-old said telling people she was transgender was ‘the most empowering thing I’ve ever felt in my whole life.’

‘As you grow older, you realize that this isn’t something that goes away,’ she said in a clip posted by the Spin website.

‘When you are younger you have these moments where you’re like, "I’m going to choose to be male. I will be male. This is it. I’m going to take all my women’s clothes that I have secretly hidden away under my bed, I’m going to put them in a garbage bag and throw them in a Dumpster and that’s it, I’ll swear off this behavior for the rest of my life."

‘Then you realize, I’m 31, you get to that point where this isn’t something that’s going away. And then you start hearing so many other people’s stories and you realize, that’s me, this is what I’m going through.’

In the interview Grace also reveals how she has identified with Madonna since childhood, both as a performer and a woman.

Grace has previously said she will remain married to her wife Heather and remain a parent to their two-year-old daughter.

She will be taking hormones, undergoing electrolysis and will consider gender reassignment surgery.

While the 31-year-old is the first rock musician to come out as transgender, other artists have had gender reassignment surgery and gone on to success.

In 1968, Wendy Carlos hit platinum sales status and won three Grammy Awards with Switched-On Bach. More recently, Israeli singer Dana International won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1995.



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