Age before beauty? See what today’s gay stars may look like tomorrow

GSN embraces the silly season and a smart phone app to age Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Colfer, Matthew Mitcham and other LGBT famous faces

Age before beauty? See what today’s gay stars may look like tomorrow
07 August 2012

Cher sung she wanted to turn back time, but Gay Star News thinks it would be much more fun to jump into the future and see how the years have treated today’s gay celebrities.

While the Living Proof singer may have had a little help from her plastic surgery friends, GSN believes in a future where the stars age the way God intended.

So, just for fun and seeing as it is the annual ‘silly season’ for many of the world’s media, we took a handful of famous LGBT boys and girls and booked them on a one-way ticket to the future to see if they would be silver foxes and sexy cougars or grouchy granddads and old maids.

Brace yourself, because the fates haven’t necessarily been kind.

The Boys

Ricky Martin

Marcus Collins

Chaz Bono

Matthew Mitcham

Tom Ford

Harry Derbidge

Chris Colfer

The Girls

Cynthia Nixon

Ellen DeGeneres

Ru Paul

Rosie O’Donnell

Jane Lynch

Clare Balding



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