Alabama Chief Justice says same-sex marriage is about destroying God’s institutions

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore wants same-sex marriage banned in the US Constitution to reflect the views of Christians

Alabama Chief Justice says same-sex marriage is about destroying God’s institutions
08 May 2014

Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore told Washington state’s 28th District Republican Club on Saturday that the US Constitution must be amended to ban same-sex marriage.

Moore wants the Constitution to explicitly reflect what he calls the ‘reverent morality’ of ‘God’s institution’ of holy matrimony.

‘The family springs forth from the union for life from one man and one woman in the holy state of matrimony,’ Moore said, ‘It is the sure foundation of all that is noble and stable in our civilization.’

‘We ought to go back to an understanding that God determined that a woman be fit for a man and created a woman for a man.

‘That’s not what same-sex marriage is about anyway. It’s not about two men getting married or two women, it’s about destroying an institution ordained of God.

Moore said same-sex marriage was about ‘feeling good but ignoring God’s laws for happiness, for civilization, for progress as the United States Supreme Court recognizes.’

Moore has previously claimed that the First Amendment of the US Constitution which guarantees religious freedom was only intended to apply to Christians.

He was removed from office in 2003 for refusing to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments of the Christian and Jewish faiths that he had erected in his state courthouse but he was returned to office by voters in 2012.



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