Alan Carr slams gays who call him ‘camp’

British gay comic says he does not feel he has to 'appease' the LGBT community who call him a camp stereotype

Alan Carr slams gays who call him ‘camp’
16 August 2013

Gay British comic and TV presenter Alan Carr has slammed gay people who call him ‘camp’.

The ‘Chatty Man’ host said he is just being himself on his Channel 4 chat show and does not feel the need to change who he is to ‘appease’ the LGBT community.

Speaking to ES Magazine, Carr said: ‘I think they have a problem with camp, I read something the other day saying that all these gays on the telly are too friendly and I thought, “Ant and Dec? Davina? Jonathan Ross? Why am I supposed to be an asshole?”

‘If you’re an asshole, no one will come on your show.’

He added: ‘So am I meant to appease all thee gays? “Oh he’s being an asshole – now that’s a proper gay.”

‘Funny is funny. Nice is nice. It’s not about who you’re having sex with – isn’t that what they all bang on about?’

The 37-year-old comedian also hit out at guests for being too media trained and reserved.

‘People don’t open up as much as they used to, do they?’ he said. ‘You don’t get those Parkinson ones any more where they say, “The man touched me here” or “I’ve got a drug problem”, so I don’t get people crying.

‘I might get Rihanna in hysterics or One Direction talking about chlamydia.’

He added: ‘But I am told, “You even mention this person’s alcoholism and they are walking off.”

‘Where are the characters now? The last one was probably Amy Winehouse. I had dinner with her once and she was really lovely and generous.’

Alan Carr’s Chatty Man returns to Channel 4 on 30 August.



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