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Ali Forney Center highlights LGBT teens who are homeless this holiday season

Forty percent of homeless teens in New York City are LGBT

Starting in early December Ali Forney Center, a New York City advocacy organization for homeless LGBT teens, started a program called Homeless for the Holidays. The YouTube videos focus on LGBT youngsters and their stories of surviving in the city.

The interviews are conducted, and prepared, by AFC founder and executive director Carl Siciliano.

'It is a terrible thing that so many LGBTQ youth are driven from their homes and forced into destitution in the streets,' Siciliano said in a statement. 'It is truly one of the most terrible expressions of homophobia in our time. And what they endure is made far worse by their not having access to shelter.'

In New York City, LGBT youth comprise 40 percent of the homeless teenage population. This means approximately 1,600 of the city's 3,800 homeless young adults are gay and lesbian. There are only 250 youth shelter beds provided by the city.

Below is the most recently released video.


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