All Out celebrates one million members with new video

Pop stars Mika and Pharrell Williams lend music to video featuring stories of gay campaign group's members

All Out celebrates one million members with new video
01 August 2012

Global gay rights group All Out is celebrating reaching a milestone one million members with a montage video featuring vox pops from supporters.

The short film, which also features the new single Celebrate by pop singer Mika and hip hop artist Pharrell Williams, stars members of the organization telling their stories.

All Out was launched just 18 months ago and its campaigns include raising more than $60,000 in three days to relocate people in Iraq targeted for violence and murder for appearing ‘too gay’, helping to stall Uganda’s ‘kill the gays’ bill with a petition and starting a wildfire online campaign to stop a ‘gay gag’ law in St Petersburg.

The group claims that of the million members in 80 countries, at least half of those are straight allies.

‘In every country in the world, we are leveraging the immense power of digital and social media to push back against anti-LGBT actions and win real victories for equality,’ said Andre Banks, co-founder and executive director of

‘The global movement for equality is growing stronger every day. Even in countries where identifying as LGBT or supporting equality is highly dangerous, courageous individuals are standing up for love and justice with the support of All Out members around the world.

‘I’ve been inspired by the work of All Out and its members over the last year.  In a short period of time, they’ve built this amazing movement of people all over the world. 

‘They’re not waiting for others to act, they are getting together every day and contributing in big and small ways to make equality a reality all over the globe.  That’s something to shout about.’



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