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All US pro ice hockey teams now have at least one pro-gay player

The National Hockey League (NHL) has becomes the first professional sport league in the US to have pro-LGBT representation from each of its teams
Gabriel Landeskog's announcement joining equality campaign you can play means the NHL has pro-LGBT representation from all of its teams

Every Northern American professional ice hockey league team has at least one pro-gay player.

The National Hockey League (NHL), the world’s most popular leaguge of its kind,  has secured pro-LGBT representation from every single team.

It comes as Colorado Avalanches player Gabriel Landeskog announced his support of the campaign in an advertisement launched on Tuesday (7 January).

A You Can Play spokesperson said: ‘Today’s NHL milestone is a step.

‘It’s a worthy accomplishment, and an acknowledgment that some of the toughest players in the world will face a camera and say maybe they’re not who we thought they were.

‘They’re actually sportsmen who care about their teammates and fans, gay and straight alike.’

You Can Play, founded in March 2012, supports equality in ice hockey and was formed after the death of gay player Brendan Burke in a car crash.

The campaign, founded by Burke’s father and brother, has slowly garnered support over the past two years and finally has representation from every club in the league, formed of 23 teams in the US and seven in Canada.

Their slogan is 'if you can play, you can play'.

Landeskog was recently selected for the Swedish Olympic team to play in Sochi in February. His announcement of support for You Can Play is considered to be no coincidence due to the protests surrounding the Winter Games in Russia.

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