Almost half of Italians want same-sex marriage

Istituto Nazionale di Statistica released its first national survey on homosexuality in the Mediterranean country

Almost half of Italians want same-sex marriage
17 May 2012

More than half of Italians think that same-sex couples should have more rights, but only 43% believe that they should have the right to marry.

The Italian Istituto Nazionale di Statistica (national institute of statistics) released its first survey on homosexuality in the Mediterranean country, in Rome this morning (17 May).

More than one million Italians describe themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender and two million revealed to have had a same-sex relationship or experience.

‘La popolazione omosessuale nella società italiana’ (The homosexual population in Italian society) is the name of the first national survey, which has been presented at Montecitorio Palace, the seat of the lower Italian parliamentary chamber.

PD party leader Pier Luigi Bersani said: ‘Now it’s time for a law against homophobia. No one should have to face discrimination for his/her sexuality.’

But the survey also revealed that only 20% of the interviewees support adoption by gay and lesbian people and that 42% of Italians don’t want a gay teacher in primary schools.

More than 28% of Italians don’t want a gay or lesbian doctor and 25% don’t think that a gay politician is a good one.

And 53% of gay and lesbian Italians admitted discrimination in their lives, in workplaces, schools, universities or by civil servants.

But those surveyed said they are against discrimination – 73% of Italians are against gay hate and want a law fighting homophobia. 



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