Amazing clients and great feedback

Find out who has already worked with Gay Star News and what people think about us

Amazing clients and great feedback
05 October 2012

Right from the beginning, Gay Star News has attracted top names and amazing brands.

Lufthansa was our Platinum Launch Partner and since then our clients have included (and in many cases still include) Hertz, Alfa Romeo, Radisson, RSPCA, Action for Children, Affordable Car Hire and Direct Line.

And here’s what other people say about us:

‘It has been fantastic for Lufthansa to be a part of Gay Star News since the very beginning and watch them grow the only rolling gay news website in the world. We know how important the gay market is to our business and this is the perfect platform for us.’
Aage Duenhaupt – Lufthansa

‘We are proud to be working with Gay Star News. It is an excellent platform for finding LGBT foster carers and adopters to help transform the lives of some of the UK’s most vulnerable children.’
Nadine Eaton – Action for Children

‘Gay Star News deliver great online journalism to hundreds of thousands of lesbian, gay and bisexual people worldwide. We’ve been delighted to see their rapid progress, and look forward to further developing our valuable relationship with them.’
Andy Wasley – Stonewall

‘I wish Gay Star News the very best of health and propserity. The only question lingering in my mind is why this hasnt happened before.’
Nigel Evans MP – Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons

‘GSN is an exciting and innovative website set up by highly respected media professionals. GSN is a long overdue and welcome initiative.’
Stephen Twigg MP

Get in touch with our sales team to learn more about why our clients are impressed and to start building your own happy Gay Star News memories.



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