American Apparel T-shirts stand up for gay marriage

American Apparel's new Legalize Gay T-shirt gets the GSN thumbs up

American Apparel T-shirts stand up for gay marriage
14 June 2012

At Gay Star News we adore those who stand up for gay rights in an unusual way and we know that sometimes the big revolutions start thanks to capitalism.

That’s why we love American Apparel’s new campaign in favor of gay marriage, which features T-shirts with the slogans Legalize Gay and Gay OK.

The campaign stars Isis King, the first transgender person to compete in hit TV show America’s Next Top Model.

She may have finished in the tenth place, but her role in the clothing brand’s high profile adverts gets top marks from the GSN team.

The campaign, which is in collaboration with GLAAD, Gay & Lesbian Alliace Against Defamation, is also the company’s first campaign to feature a transgender person.

King said: ‘I knew this campaign would be a tremendous step forward for everyone, including fashion, American Apparel, and trans women with a dream.’

Writing on its website American Apparel says it ‘believes that sexuality should be celebrated, not condemned. When California voters passed Prop 8 in 2008, we let our community know we would support whatever stand they wanted to take.

‘American Apparel believes in freedom, expression and equality, things that are inherently condemned in the prohibition of gay marriage.

‘After printing a few hundred Legalize Gay t-shirts for a rally near our factory in downtown Los Angeles, the company received thousands of requests from people all over the world who asked for us to expand it. 

‘With many of our employees and customers identifying as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, we are a company that is vocal about our support for the protection of gay rights.

‘Scores of our employees were on the frontlines of protests in cities across America, handing out hundreds of Legalize Gay t-shirts to supporters, and putting them in our store windows in protest of violence against gays and discriminatory court decisions.

‘We also had a lot of fun at PRIDE rallies and celebrations.’

You can buy the Legalize Gay t-shirts from this website.



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