American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer says Tim Tebow latest scalp of ‘bigoted bullies at Big Gay’

NFL player canceled appearance at church of anti-gay Robert Jeffress

American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer says Tim Tebow latest scalp of ‘bigoted bullies at Big Gay’
22 February 2013

NFL player Tim Tebow is now getting backlash from both sides stemming from canceled plans to speak at a Dallas mega-church with an anti-gay pastor.

Tebow, back-up quarterback for the New York Jets, on Wednesday (20 February) backed out of an April appearance at First Baptist Church of Dallas after homophobic comments by pastor Robert Jeffress surfaced.

Jeffress has called homosexuals ‘perverse’ and ‘represents a degradation of a person’s mind.’ He also said ‘some gay activists don’t even try to hide the link between homosexuality and pedophilia.’

American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer has tweeted about the situation saying ‘For bully bigots at Big Gay, Tim Tebow is another scalp.’

He also writes in a column that by backing out, Tebow has put more than his NFL career in jeopardy for his ‘weak-kneed and even cowardly decision.’

‘If his NFL career washes out, this street cred with the Christian community is all he has left,’ Fischer adds. ‘He is squandering that enormous reservoir of goodwill and admiration as we speak, by taking a knee rather than stepping up in the pocket.’

While Jeffress has been detailing his conversations and text messages with Tebow to the media in recent days, he did not have the harsh words for the athlete that Fischer did.

‘I would never say anything disparaging to Tim Tebow,’ Jeffress tells The Daily Beast. ‘He is a fine Christian who is trying to do what he thinks is right, and I do think Tim will learn in time that you can’t appease some of the severest critics of Christianity by compromising with them.’



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