American visits Sydney Mardi Gras to seek justice for his brother’s death

Touching video of Steve Johnson, whose brother Scott is suspected to have been killed in a homophobic attack in 1988, at Sydney Mardi Gras

American visits Sydney Mardi Gras to seek justice for his brother’s death
13 March 2013

Steve Johnson, whose brother Scott was found dead in Sydney in 1988, was at Sydney Mardi Gras this year as part of a campaign to dissolve the mystery around what happened to him before his body was found at the bottom of a cliff in Manly.

Johnson marched with Lord Mayor Clover Moore and MP Alex Greenwich in the 35th Sydney Mardi Gras parade on Saturday 2 March and found the experience bittersweet.

‘My brother Scott was 27 when he died and looking on at the parade I see many faces, both older and younger enjoying a freedom of expression he never had the chance to share,’ said Johnson in a video for the Justice for Scott campaign.

‘I could imagine Scott at the parade today at age 51, enjoying the revelry with his mates and me.’

Johnson is in Australia to discover more about how is brother was killed. New South Wales police are offering a $100,000 reward for information that will solve the mystery.

‘At the time of Scott’s death people were afraid to speak,’ said Johnson describing ‘an epidemic of homophobic violence’ in Sydney in the 1980s and 90s.

‘The shroud of silence that stopped many people from bearing witness to the violence of those times has lifted. We look forward to hearing from others who want to share their stories.’

The Justice for Scott campaign asks anyone with information to email [email protected]

Watch the video here:



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