Anderson Cooper bombshell: He’s given up ice cream

CNN anchor says he is aiming to 'overall eat healthier and lower my cholesterol'

Anderson Cooper bombshell: He’s given up ice cream
16 July 2012

Anderson Cooper seems to have it all.

He’s rich, successful, good looking and now openly gay.

But one thing he doesn’t have anymore is his beloved ice cream.

The CNN anchor acknowledged on Sunday, which was National Ice Cream Day in the US, that he has not indulged in any of his favorite frozen treat for months now.

‘I’ve tried to cut down on my sweets and just try to overall eat healthier and lower my cholesterol,’ he says on the website for Anderson, his syndicated daytime talk sh0w.

Cooper had previously confessed to his talk show audience that he was addicted to Dulce de Leche ice cream from Cones, his favorite shop on Bleecker Street in New York City.

‘I have not had ice cream in about two months and I don’t really miss it too much, I must say,’ he now insists.

We’ll have to wait and see if he can continue to resist the temptation!




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