Anderson Cooper makes some confessions to Wendy Williams

As a kid, he used to check women's rear ends and would steal cutlery

Anderson Cooper makes some confessions to Wendy Williams
21 September 2012

It continues to be a very revealing year for CNN anchor and daytime talk show host Anderson Cooper.

Cooper came out publicly over the summer and this week, he stopped by The Wendy Williams Show to make a few more disclosures.

While growing up, he was initially unaware just how famous his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, really was.

That was until his mother’s line of jeans became such a sensation.

‘I didn’t realize my mom was famous until the jeans became more successful and my brother and I would play this game of seeing how many women’s butts we could see with our mother’s name on them. So we would literally count all day long.’

‘Which really,’ he added, ‘I had no interest in. I was actually looking for the name.’

He then confessed to stealing cutlery in airplanes as a kid and explained why: ‘I always was very concerned about financial security so I started working when I was 10 because I wanted to earn my own money. I thought, ‘One day, if we all go broke, I’ll need to support myself.”

‘Anytime we were on an airplane I would steal the cutlery because I thought, ‘Well one day, I’ll need to have a house of my own, I’ll need cutlery, and this will be in case we go broke.”

And which airplane did he steal the cutlery from, Williams wondered.

‘We were on the Concorde,’ Cooper said.



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