Anderson Cooper will not be taking over for Matt Lauer on The Today Show

Cooper's CNN colleague Howard Kurtz reports he's not interested

Anderson Cooper will not be taking over for Matt Lauer on The Today Show
01 April 2013

Anderson Cooper has not yet commented on reports that NBC News has approached him about taking over Matt Lauer’s job as host of The Today Show.

But his CNN colleague Howard Kurtz, host of the show Reliable Sources, reported on Sunday (31 March) that Cooper is not interested in the gig.

Kurtz said Cooper, who hosts a nightly show Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN, prefers to stay with the cable network.

Deadline reported last week that NBC has reached out to Cooper to discuss replacing the beleaguered Lauer whose image has taken a major hit since the messy departure of his former co-host Ann Curry. The show’s ratings have steadily dropped over the past year.

Cooper is currently juggling his CNN show with being a correspondent for CBS’s 60 Minutes and hosting the daily syndicated show Anderson Live!

But the daytime show is ending later this year so the busy Cooper has a hole in his dance card. He may fill it by doing some kind of a show with his pal, Kathy Griffin, with whom he filmed a pilot last week.



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