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Andrew Garfield stars as trans woman in Arcade Fire video

The Spider-man star appears as trans woman in the emotional music video for new LGBT anthem from rock band Arcade Fire
Andrew Garfield stars as a trans woman in new Arcade Fire video
Image via YouTube

Spider-man star Andrew Garfield appears as a trans woman in Arcade Fire’s new music video.

Hollywood actor Garfield stars as the troubled trans woman in the emotionally-charged video released 16 May.

The song We Exist, which will be the third single from the Canadian rock group’s album Reflektor, has been championed as a new LGBT anthem.

In the video, Garfield’s character starts by shaving his head and agonizing over his clothes before heading out in full drag.

He enters a bar, and stares longingly at a couple sharing an embrace, before being hassled by a group of men and brutally attacked.

By the end of the video, he escapes to join Arcade Fire onstage at Coachella to dance with them.

The lyrics of the song seem to speak to LGBT audiences.

‘Daddy it's true, I'm different from you, But tell me why they treat me like this?’

The British-American actor has received a great deal of attention and praise for his appearance in the music video, and the song has already acheived over one million views on YouTube.

Garfield has been a vocal advocate for gay rights. In 2013, he spoke about the need for greater LGBTI equality.

‘Of course I’m in favor of marriage equality. Same-sex couples should have the same rights as anybody else’ he said.

‘There is no argument against equality. How can anyone argue against compassion and understanding?’

In 2006, he played the role of a gay man in the on-stage version of Jonathan Harvey’s Beautiful Thing.

Watch Garfield in the video for We Exist here:

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