Andrew Rannells on his journey to Broadway and TV stardom

'No one cared that I'm gay'

Andrew Rannells on his journey to Broadway and TV stardom
10 July 2012

The gay thing is working out well for Andrew Rannells.

He is a gay man who plays a gay man on Broadway (The Book of Mormon) and a gay man on two different television series (Girls, The New Normal).

‘I came to New York and had a fresh start with college. I was gay and that’s what I presented to a new group of people as I moved here,’ Rannells tells The Advocate in an interview posted Tuesday (10 July). ‘I continue to be so fortunate, particularly in the past year. It could have been an issue in The Book of Mormon,but it was never brought up. No one cared that I’m gay.’

Glee creator Ryan Murphy knew after seeing Mormon that he had to use Rannells in something as did Lena Dunham, the writer and producer of HBO’s Girls.

Rannells has juggled Girls with Mormon but will be leaving the musical to focus on the Murphy-created sitcom The New Normal which premieres in NBC this fall.

The sitcom is getting a lot of attention already because of its premise: a gay couple (played by Rannells and Justin Burtka) hire a surrogate to have their baby.

‘To play a really well-thought-out and developed gay character on Girls has been fantastic,’ Rannells says. ‘Then to have Ryan Murphy come along with this fantastic, really heartfelt, very self-possessed and normal gay man, that’s a real gift.’

Below is a clip from The New Normal:



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