Andy Cohen doesn’t understand how someone can be a gay Republican

'I'm interested in why someone would support a party that doesn't necessarily support equality for that person'

Andy Cohen doesn’t understand how someone can be a gay Republican
14 June 2012

Andy Cohen, the openly gay host of Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live, usually finds himself talking a lot more about pop culture than politics.

But on Wednesday (13 June), Cohen engaged in a political discussion on MSNBC’s Hardball with Chris Matthews and sounded off on gay people who belong to the Republican party – especially at a time when the GOP so often gay bashes to rally the more extreme right wing of the party.

‘It’s something I’ve never understood,’ Cohen said. ‘I was executive producer of a documentary years ago called Gay Republicans. I’m interested in why someone would support a party that doesn’t necessarily support equality for that person. And I can only assume it’s about the wallet. It’s about ‘I’m a fiscal Republican’.

He added: ‘I’m not political on my show at all, but gay issues are something that not only are of a great concern to me, but just as a human being, I feel so obviously passionate about being treated equally to everyone else that it is the one thing that I really speak up about on my show.’

With the battle for marriage equality on the front-burner and most GOP lawmakers on various levels opposing it, Cohen can’t reconcile a gay person looking past the social conservatism because they are a fiscal conservative.

‘I can’t understand the idea of saying, ‘Oh well, they’re going to put more money in my bank account, who cares if they don’t believe I can get married?’ I don’t get it.’




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