Ann Coulter says ‘liberal yuppies’ would abort gay kids

Right wing pundit Coulter says 'liberal yuppies' would abort gay kids

Ann Coulter says ‘liberal yuppies’ would abort gay kids
12 December 2011

Conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter is known for saying outrageous things and on tonight's episode of the U.S. reality series The A List: Dallas, she does it again.

Coulter, who describes herself as 'the Judy Garland of the right wing,' is seen having cocktails with cast member Taylor Garrett on the LGBT-themed reality show that airs on the cable channel Logo.

Garrett works as a Republican fundraiser and shares with Coulter that he is pro-life because his mother became pregnant with him when she was just 15 and her mother had pressured her to abort the baby. He says he gets attacked by fellow gays for being Republican and pro-life.

'The gays have got to be pro-life,' she tells Garrett. "As soon as they find the gay gene, guess who the liberal yuppies are gonna start aborting?'

Garrett defends his friendship with Coulter on tonight's episode of the show which follows the lives of several gay men and one woman as they traverse the gay scene in Dallas, TX.

'Ann always appears very tough on television but in person, she's very disarming,' he says.

In the same episode, Coulter shares that she does not think Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann's husband Marcus is gay as some people – including Jon Stewart, Dan Savage and even Cher – have suggested publicly.

Coulter says he is simply 'effete.'

'If you have gays who do not seem gay, why can't you have heterosexuals who kind of seem gay?' she wonders. 'She wouldn't run for president if her husband was gay.'



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