Anniversary of London gay nail bomb attack

Communities to commemorate anniversary of David Copeland hate attack on London's gay Admiral Duncan pub

Anniversary of London gay nail bomb attack
23 April 2012

The anniversary of the nail bomb attack on the gay Admiral Duncan pub in London’s Soho will be commemorated next week.

Thirteen years ago David Copeland planted a nail bomb in the popular bar which killed three people and injured over 80.

Copeland also targeted London’s black and Asian communities by placing bombs in Brixton and Brick Lane.

Every year survivors, family and friends gather in the pub at 6pm on 30 April before walking round to St Anne’s Church for an act of remembrance.

There will be a two minute silence at 6.37pm during a service led by St Anne’s Church priest Father Swan.

Singers from Diversity will break the silence whilst tributes are laid for the victims of the attack, followed by readings by families and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.

The gardens will remain open until 7.30pm so people can pay their respects.

Mark Healey, organiser of the service said: 'Members of all communities are invited to line the route between the pub and the churchyard. Everyone is welcome, especially those who may have felt unable to attend before. We remember the bravery of those that responded immediately to tend to the injured, and those who have supported the survivors in the years that have followed.

'Moving on with our lives in different ways we acknowledge how good prevailed and will continue to prevail as long we continue to stand and work together to prevent this happening again. These anniversaries serve to remind us that we must always be vigilant.'

Andrea Dykes, John Light and Nik Moore died after the bomb was detonated in the crowded bar.

Copeland hoped the attacks would lead to a race war and the election of the British National Party.

Barman David Morley survived, but died five years later after he was attacked by homophobic youths near Waterloo station.

Copeland was sentenced to six life sentences on 30 June 2000 and in 2007 the high court stated that he shouldn’t be released for at least 50 years.



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