Anonymous hacks anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church

Hacking group takes over Westboro Baptist Church spokesperson’s twitter account and leak church members info following their plans to picket victims’ funerals

Anonymous hacks anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church
17 December 2012

The Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) blamed marriage equality in Connecticut for the tragic shooting spree in Newtown that took 26 lives.

The Church announced that it will picket the funerals of the children with banners saying ‘God Hate Fags’ and other anti-gay hate messages.

Shirley Phelps-Roper, spokesperson of WBC and daughter of its leader, Fred Phelps, tweeted, ‘Westboro will picket Sandy Hook Elementary School to sing praise to God for the glory of his work in executing his judgment’.

Phelps later tweeted: ‘That’s the message that this evil nation and world need: that God Almighty is on the march & nothing is gonna stop Him’.

Hacktivist group Anonymous has responded by attacking the WBC by hacking into Phelps-Roper twitter account, taking it over and promoting a petition to have the WBC recognized legally as a hate-group.

The petition, which was created on Friday (14 December) and has already nearly four times (99,000) the required 25,000 signatures.

The hacktivist, nicknamed, CosmoTheGod, claims to be part of the new UGNazi collective.

Over the weekend, anonymous not only disrupted several of their websites by launching Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS) attacks against them, but they have also leaked the personal details of several members, such as home addresses, emails, and phone numbers.

Other twitter accounts of the Church’s members are also being targeted

Anonymous explained their actions against the WBC: ‘Because they preach hatred towards everyone. They are a hate group.

‘Normal religious groups preach love and understanding. That is how they attract people.

‘Westboro Baptist Church isn’t a church at all. They are more like the KKK [Ku Klux Klan]’.



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