Anonymous LGBT group produces anti-Chuck Hagel video

An organization called Use Your Mandate pushes back against the Chuck Hagel nomination for Secretary of Defense

Anonymous LGBT group produces anti-Chuck Hagel video
20 January 2013

Use Your Mandate, an anonymous LGBT organization, has produced an ad against Chuck Hagel’s nomination for Secretary of Defense.

The 30 second ad charges Hagel  ‘does not share our values’ and is anti-woman, gay, and Israel. The spot ends asking viewers to urge senators to block the nominee.

There is some mystery about the organization because its members are in the shadows.  An unmanned source told the Huffington Post ‘those involved are choosing to stay anonymous because they are allies with the Obama administration and hesitant to criticize the president publicly or fear retribution or pressure from the White House.’ The source added many of the individuals involved are people who’ fought for LGBT rights for a long time.’

Paul Yandura of Get Equal, a LGBT political organization who publicly announced its displeasure with the Hagel choice, told BuzzFeed he did not know the people behind the ad.

‘It’s laughable that they want to stay anonymous because they are too chicken to criticize the president since they are his supporters,’ Yandura said. ‘Either this is a serious enough issue to call out the president or not.’

Last month Hagel apologized for comments he made as a Republican senator in 1998 when a gay man, James C. Hormel, was appointed by then-President Bill Clinton to be US ambassador to Luxembourg.

‘They are representing America,’ Hagel then said. ‘They are representing our lifestyle, our values, our standards. And I think it is an inhibiting factor to be gay – openly aggressively gay like Mr. Hormel – to do an effective job.’

UPDATE: Allyson Robinson, executive director of OutServe-SLDN, sent the following email to GSN:

‘At OutServe-SLDN, we are disappointed to see this kind of dirty politics make an appearance in the debate about who our next Secretary of Defense should be. Senator Hagel has appropriately apologized and has taken steps to build trust with our LGBT military families – specifically, by committing to extend the benefits that may be made available to them even while the so-called Defense of Marriage Act is still on the books. Much remains to be done – and we still look to Senator Hagel to speak out on other issues important to LGBT service members and their families – but anonymous, unaccountable attacks do nothing to move the ball forward for our brave LGBT men and women in uniform.’

OutServe-SLDN is an association working to bring LGBT equality to America’s military.

Below is the Use Your Mandate advertisement:



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